A Provence attraction like few others: the Marius Fabre Marseille Soap Museum

The stunning Alpilles natural park

Although many people don’t realize it, Marseille soap is as much an integral part of the heritage of Provence as bouillabaisse and black bulls! The Marseille Soap Museum is the perfect place to go to discover how. Run by the Salon-de-Provence soap-maker, Marius Fabre, the museum offers a gripping window onto one of the region’s most iconic – and at times, most economically significant – exports. It’s worth remembering that back in

The stunning Alpilles natural park
Source: http://www.musee-savon-marseille.com/en/

1913 Provence was producing around 180,000 tons of this vegetable oil-based hard soap! Before today’s advances in technology, human expertise and knowledge were even more crucial to the process of making quality soap, and the museum is also a celebration of the people whose craftsmanship and skill went into this product. Various items make the history of soap-making into something more tangible – washboards, soap stamps and presses, tools, posters and more.

For any practical questions you may have about visiting the museum, you’ll find all the answers in www.musee-savon-marseille.com/practical-information/en/.

After your visit to the museum, why not explore some of Provence’s natural wonders? The beautiful Alpilles region (see below) is just one of the many lovely landscapes that can be visited in the vicinity of the museum.