The Viaskin patch by DBV-Technologies – a potential boon for milk allergy sufferers

The DBV Technologies internet site is a place that will hold out real hope for you if you or a loved one suffer from some of the most widespread food allergies in existence today. This firm has been working on several different adhesive patches which have the potential to diagnose and then treat three key allergies: cow’s milk protein (CMPA), peanut and hen’s egg.

The Viaskin milk patch is also being produced in peanut and egg versions


Their means of doing this is the Viaskin patch ( ). This patch (pictured below), contains very small quantities of the antigen which is causing the patient to have allergic reactions. Sprayed onto the patch, which is then applied to the skin, the antigen is able to pass through the skin and into the body. As the antigen in question isn’t introduced directly into the bloodstream, this tolerization approach is much safer than injections. The patch is extremely versatile – the quantity of antigen can be varied and the patch can be worn for any length of time you want. In theory, many different allergies could be treated using such patches. Currently they are being developed in three main forms – milk, peanut and egg.